Smygehuk Lighthouse Hostel

With a rich history already, 2021 starts a new chapter. With some new faces to take the next step in develop this amazing location.
Joanna and Mick Daly, with their four legged mate Sheldon the dog, are looking forward to creating wonderful memories together with you.

With the sea as your neighbour...

Smygehuk Lighthouse Hostel is just a few hundred meters away from the quaint Smygehman, an old fishing harbor.

Easy access to public transport routes from Trelleborg and Ystad and is situated on the man pathways for walking and riding.

The faces behind the experience.

Yes the place is amazing but the experience will be nothing without some faces behind( and sometimes in front) of the scenes.

We are a family who want each and every visitor to Smygehuk Lighthouse Hostel to feel a part of the extended family in their own way. What we offer is homely comfort without all the excesses, an honest experience....plain and simple.

Joanna Daly

Joanna has an eye for service and a nose for food and drink, a trained chef and sommelier. With many years of making people feel extra special.

Mick Daly

Mick has a glint in his eye and joke never far away. Always ready to have a chat and share stories, he loves to share his Aussie hospitality.


Sheldon is the gentlest soul and is happiest with a belly rub and something tasty to eat. He will not be far from where people are, enjoying all the attention.

Want to know something then send us a question

Short and sweet, send it to us and we will do our best to help you out.